Tired of all the negative talk about the economy? Now may be the best time ever to buy a home.

1. You can get a really good deal. This is definitely a buyer’s market. We are living out the biggest housing bust in history, and prices have fallen & most likely will continue to fall until we reach the bottom.
2. Mortgage rates are at an all time low as well. Right now you can get a 30 year mortgage loan rate for appx 4.3%. 2 years ago they were almost 2 points higher. The difference in the rate changes the payment by about 20%. If inflation goes up the you will most likely never see the rates this low again.
3. You can deduct the interest & save $$ on taxes. Mortgage interest & Real Estate Taxes are tax deductible.
4. It will be yours to do what you want with. You can do whatever you want with your own home such as additions, adding a sunroom or deck, changing the type of flooring & you can paint it any color you want. You don’t always get that when you rent.
5. You will get more house for the money. As home prices fall you get more house for the money. The same house today can cost thousands less that 2 years ago. Allowing for a better house or even in a nicer area.
6. Long term inflation protection. If you plan on staying in your house for the long haul, then owning a house might help beat inflation by a couple percentage points per year.
7. Capital Gains. Owning a home is not like owning a mutual fund. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Right now the Real Estate prices are in a downward pattern and are starting to stabilize. But the pendulum will swing and when prices start to go up then you will have gained equity in real value.
8. Forced savings. When you pay your home loan, part of the payment goes to the principal balance. When you sell your home you get that back.
9. Lots of available inventory. There is an abundance of available homes on the market to choose from. This really means you have a great choice as well as a great price. 
The Real Estate Market will survive. Demand & supply will eventually meet up with one another. As the population grows so does the number of homes needed.