If you are a Real Estate Investor then listen up. Right NOW the current market conditions make for a perfect time to invest in Real Estate. WHY? Interest rates remain at their lowest levels in history, increasing rents & low vacancy rates mixed along with steady low prices have created a unique opportunity for investors to build their Real Estate investment portfolio. Seasoned investors are interested in Real Estate for these reasons.

* Cash Flow & Income: With the historically low interest rates & low prices investors have the opportunity to rent their homes for more than their monthly payment.   

* Bargaining Chip: Investment properties can be purchased with cash & most investment properties can be financed with as little as 25% down. The goal is to acquire a Real Estate portfolio & to pay down the loans to own the properties free & clear.

* Reduce the Debt: Real Estate is one of those investments where someone else makes the payments. Therefore, reducing your monthly debt.

* Savings in Taxes: Real Estate investors are allowed to depreciate & write off the property expenses therefore reducing their taxes.

* Appreciation: Given time the values of Real Estate will increase. Appreciation is what we all hope for.

Given the cuurent market conditions - NOW is the best time to increase YOUR Real Estate portfolio.

Let Jason Daniels at RE/MAX Advantage assist you on finding the right Real Estate investment for you! 

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