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What do listing your home for sale and going on a blind date have in common?

Buyers often want to know if they have to change out the green shag carpet in their living room, or if they really need to paint over that Scooby Doo mural in their kid’s room.

Of course you have to! Let's treat it like a blind date analogy. You go on a blind date, and the guy runs in wearing shorts and a sweatshirt, he's dripping sweat, and he's 20 minutes late because he was at the gym with the guys. He promises next time he'll be on time, wearing his best shirt and tie, and will look great, because he cleans up great.

What are the chances that you give that gentleman a second date? Probably zero!

"If your house is not presentable, buyers won't give it a second glance."

It's the same thing when a buyer comes into your home. If the house is not presentable, they're not going to give you a second chance. About half of those buyers are just going to go away. Half may be interested, but they will look at things like paint, dirty carpet, and water marks on the ceilings. They all need to be addressed, because if they see something that needs to be repaired, they'll double the cost in their mind. If the carpet is a $3,000 fix, for example, buyers will see it as a $6,000 fix, and will make a lower offer or make more demands.

To sell homes, we stage the home and hire a professional photographer. Make sure the Realtor you use provides staging tips and the photography to make your home shine. For more advice or answers to any questions about buying or selling a home in Colorado Springs, please don't hesitate to call me!