Manitou Springs is located at the base of the famous Pike's Peak. It is a quaint town with an eclectic combination of past and present. There are many unique shops, botiques, and restuarants lining the small downtown area. Recent sales in Manitou Springs have followed the Colorado Springs market. The Colorado Springs market has been stabilizing due to the recent return of troops to the military installations in town. Several local companies have also provided great news for the local economy with new jobs over the next several years. Regardless of what you may read in the daily press this is a great time to buy, and quite possibly sell. Interest rates, while fluctuating, are still at record lows. The real question is, with these interest rates are you in the home you really want? There has never been a better time to move up. The softening of the market has created a number of opportunities for the astute buyer. True, prices have been leveling out and in some areas declining slightly, but not dramatically. For the first time in years there is room to negotiate and reach a win-win for all of the parties involved.

For those thinking of moving up the market couldn't be better - low interest rates and the opportunity to find a great home at a reasonable price. There are more homes on market in the Colorado Springs area than at anytime in recent history. A seller may get less for the house they are selling, but should be able to make up more than the difference in the price of the home they are purchasing.

At the very least, this is a great time to take a serious look at the numbers, buyers and sellers may both be surprised at how good this market really is. 

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