How can you make sure to hire the best real estate agent for your needs? I have a few tips for you today.
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Not all real estate agents are created equal. Most agents that just graduated real estate school tend to charge the same fee as a 30-year veteran. So, what sets them apart?

You must choose wisely when hiring an agent. After all, your home has a lot of equity, especially in this market, and a house is usually most people’s largest purchase.

Here is a list of questions you should ask when interviewing agents:

1. Does the agent offer a cancelation guarantee at any time? We do.

2. Can the agent show their results through statistics? There are a number of important statistics to consider. What is their listings-to-sales ratio? In other words, how many homes do they fail to sell? What is the average days on market for their listing? What’s the list-to-sales price ratio? In other words, how does the final sales price compare to the price the agent set for the home? You should also ask how many homes they have sold in the past year and in their entire career.

3. Does the agent have a specific online marketing plan and overall pricing plan? 

"Professional photography is crucial since 94% of buyers start their search online. "

4. Does the agent have a team of specialists working with them to help you get the home sold? Or is the agent a solo agent?

5. Is the agent full-time or part-time? We are a team of full-time professionals.

6. Do they use professional photography? Professional photography may be expensive but it’s absolutely critical to have it in a market where 94% of buyers begin their search online.

7. Do they know the proper price for your home?

9. Do they know the neighborhood?

10. Do they have the skills, experience, and strategy in place to negotiate successfully on your behalf?

11. Do they have client testimonials?

Please refer to this list when you interview agents because these items are absolutely critical to the success of your real estate transaction.

If you have any other questions about hiring agents or if you would like to interview us, just give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!