Can you stay financially strong in 2012? Stick to these 3 helpful hints & you can & will survive.  

1 - Keep to the Basics - Have a strategy in mind & simply be frugal. Cut back on your spending & go back to the basics of paying off debt & increase your savings. It is amazing how small simple cuts in the budget make for huge savings.

2 - Prepare for the Unexpected - Prepare for a possible job loss or other financial emergency by tightening the budget now. We recommend that you start directing extra money into a money market account to cover atleast 3-6 months of expenses in case an emergency arises. 

3 - Avoid Creating More Debt - Budgeting & cutting back is hard to do, but running up debts to sustain a lifestyle you can't afford will only make things worse down the road. Try to stay disciplined & just say no to any further debt. You will be glad you did.

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