5 Ways to Increase your Home's Value

1. Nice Curb Appeal: First impressions are the key! It says alot about the neighborhood & the home values. Neighborhoods with overgrown foliage, run-down yards, and chipped or faded paint usually do not have a great first impression & are fighting a losing battle when it comes to the values game.

2. Keep up with the Normal Maintenance & Necessary Repairs: Having a home requires regular maintenance and repairs & they are an important part of owning a home. Putting off repairs will get you nowhere when it comes to your home's value. Keep up with the repairs when they are needed. Fix the large projects before you list your home for sale. 

3. Update your Bathrooms: Bathrooms also help when it comes to keeping the home's value. Utility companies sometimes give rebates with the new low-flush toilets & they cost as little as $100. Showers & tubs can be replaced easily & make sure the bathrooms sparkle for all showings.

4. Update your Kitchen: Kitchens are where we spend alot of time & are a wonderful selling point of the home. Outdated kitchens will stand out like nothing else to buyers. Do your research when it comes to updating the kitchen because sometimes the seller can over improve the home & might not be able to re-coop their investment.    

5. Energy Efficient Homes: Buyers today are looking for homes that are energy efficient. Some examples are new Low E or insulated windows, low-flush toilets, energy star kitchen appliances, energy star furnace or water heaters, and having a suffuciently insulated attic are all inexpensive fixes & will save energy & money over the long haul. Check with your local utility company to see if they have a list of energy efficient appliances that they will give a rebate on - most utility companies will offer a rebate for energy efficient.

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